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Subtle Musings of the Bee-mused

It's not all about HTML
8 Jul 2017, 12:06
Ever wondered what you look like from the air, well my head must look like food or a predator to seagulls. I was walking back to my car from a meeting with a new client and I got attacked by a pair of seagulls. First I knew about it was a rushing noise from behind and the slap across my head by a pair of seagull feet. He wheeled round in the air…
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21 Jun 2017, 13:27
Has your web designer made sure you display the correct legal information on your website? - small details but important. They might say it's not their job to know this and that it falls on the website owner to ensure this is done. I say it's the website designers responsibility to help their clients as much as possible and this should be standard…
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How to avoid your website being held hostage.
8 Mar 2017, 14:09
I have seen this happen all too often. All sorts of problems can occur when a business owner trusts their web developer too much and doesn't ask the right questions when arranging their domain and website. Sometimes I can't fix these issues purely because the law is on the side of whoever is registered as the domain owner. Hiring a web designer is…
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1 Mar 2017, 10:28
Yes I have finally joined Twitter. After years of providing advice to clients regarding their own social media marketing I have decided to do my own. Like it or not social media is here to stay and it forms a vital part of any marketing strategy. With the widespread use of mobile phones, the ability to stay in touch has gone from strength to…
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Email Marketing - not as easy as I thought
27 Feb 2017, 17:21
Just doing a little research to contact local businesses to offer my services and I thought I would check the laws regarding unsolicited email, I seem to get a lot so I assumed it was OK. Apparently not, "it is unlawful to send someone direct marketing who has not specifically granted permission (via an opt-in agreement) unless there is a previous…
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OG meta tags
22 Feb 2017, 14:20
As part of your social media search engine optimisation make sure you have an OG graphic that will look good. By OG I don't mean "Original Gangster" or "Old Git" as per the web definition but "Open Graph" as per the Open Graph Protocol used by facebook. At the very least you should have the four required properties in your source code to turn the…
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Looking for a new website
17 Feb 2017, 11:59
New website for me, New website for you? After having produced websites for over 10 years and responsive websites for clients for the last 2 I thought it was time my own website, which was looking a little tired, got another overhaul. The new website is now complete and to mark the occasion I am, for a limited time, offering…
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Welcome to my new blog
19 Jan 2017, 16:53
A fresh new website to start the New Year. To celebrate this occasion I have decided to make a limited time special offer on Content Management Sites developed on the Concrete5 platform.
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