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Not all web hosting is created equal.

Cloud Hosting

Whatever you want to create a website for, be it a small family photo album or a full powered database-driven e-commerce website, your choice of web host is essential.

The right web host will make the difference between a slow clunky site that has regular downtime and a site that is always available and blisteringly fast!

I believe that web hosting is more than just providing web space and FTP access. My aim is to provide individuals and businesses with everything they need to express themselves on the internet, be that through an idea or selling goods and service

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Each server has Dual Intel Xeon CPU E5-2640 v3 octa-core processors with hyper-threading for 32 logical cores and 64GB DDR4 RAM.All MySQL and MSSQL databases are hosted on dedicated 32 core servers with 128GB RAM and full SSD storage. By combining multiple servers to handle your traffic and data in a cloud optimized cluster, your website is not affected by any spikes in traffic or any technical issues that may occur with a server.

It is designed to be highly redundant and the resilient high performance storage platform utilising 100% SSD storage arrays in a RAID 10 configuration, with battery-backed hardware RAID cards. Storage arrays are then replicated across multiple servers so in the highly unlikely event that disks, arrays or entire servers fail there will be no downtime or impact to your site. Daily data backups are taken and stored at a secure offsite facility. The servers are also covered by a bespoke Web Application Firewall that continually monitors and filters out threatening requests before they can even target your website.

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The intelligent and advanced UK data centre is kitted out with premium hardware and the latest and greatest security and environmental technologies. With technicians onsite 24/7 every day of the year and a resilient national network for ultimate reliability, you can rest assured that your websites are safe with us.

Hosting Prices

    • Starter

      £ 3.99 mo
      • 1 Website
      • 5GB Web Space
      • 30GB Bandwidth
      • 50 Mailboxes
      • Webmail
    • Business Pro

      £ 8.99 mo
      • 3 Website
      • Unlimited Web Space
      • Unlimited Bandwidth
      • 10000 Mailboxes
      • Webmail

For terms and conditions of the hosting service please visit the hosting terms page

100% Dell Servers

100% Dell Servers

Strong Data Backup

Strong Data Backup

The Latest Cisco Architecture

The Latest Cisco Architecture

Cloud Hosting

Cloud Hosting