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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question you would like to ask me it's possible I may already have answered a similar question so please look through the questions below and if it's not there then fill out my Contact Form and I will get back to you as soon as I can.


In normal circumstances a 50% deposit would be payable with the remaining 50% paid on completion of the website. More flexible payment plans can be worked out if cash flow is tight however a minimum of 25% deposit would be required.

The free hosting lasts for 12 months. There are no tie in clauses at the end of this period and you are free to transfer your website to another host with no penalty. The costs of keeping your hosting with GMB Web Designs are reasonable and we would hope that you would be happy to stay with us

Discounts are offered to non-profit organisations and schools. Contact us to find out more.

As a freelance web designer I do not have to worry about sales executives, directors or other miscellaneous personnel so production costs are held down. None of the work is subcontracted abroad and as the majority of advertising is by word of mouth business costs are reduced allowing savings to be passed on to the client.

Web Design

Yes, the costs are the same for new builds and redesigns and would depend upon the type of site required. If you are looking for a fresh new look to your website or just want to make it load faster and perform better then give me a call.

It's nice to meet face to face to discuss your website needs however this is not necessary.I have clients throughout the UK and abroad. I am able to find out all information required to build a website by email or telephone and you would be able to view the various stages of the design online. The complete build can therefore be monitored and guided by you, the client.

I am happy to use any colour scheme you want however I will provide expert advice regarding the use of colour should you require it. Existing logos can be used to provide a corporate feel to your website or if you don't have a logo yet I can assist you with design and incorporation into your print media as well as the website.

All costs will be documented up front for the required web design proposal. If, however, you change your mind during the build and require more features/pages to be added I will provide you with a revised costing to cover the additions.

The majority of my work is custom design. If a template was to be used for whatever reason I would ensure that you were aware of it.

Websites should not only look good, they should load fast and it is commonplace for templates to be bulky and slower to load as the designer does not create it with a specific client in mind but instead ensures it will appeal to a wide range of purchasers. I also do not feel that my clients should share a web design with anyone else.

The copyright will transfer to you when payment has been made in full. This is a very important aspect to ensure when you are looking for a web designer. I have seen in the past web designers hold companies to ransom because they retained the copyright so whoever you choose to design your website ensure copyright transfer is part of the contract.

Yes, I can build e-commerce, content management systems and database backed websites. I primarily use PHP for building these dynamic websites and sites can be designed to your exact requirements. Purpose built dynamic sites tend to cost more than basic HTML/CSS sites but this reflects the extra design and development required to create them.

I would prefer it if photos and text could be supplied in electronic form. Scanned images will not give as good a quality finish to the website. Graphics can be in virtually any mainstream format but we would prefer it if you could supply GIF, JPEG, TIFF, PNG or PDF files.Once received I will optimize your graphic files to make them as small as possible with no loss of visual quality

There will be variations in how the site looks depending upon the viewers web browser, screen resolution, computer platform. I try to ensure that your website looks similar in as wide a combination of possibilities as possible so that the number of people that can view your site properly is as great as possible. I also ensure that the site loads fast even for people who do not have broadband. Large download times could mean that you miss 20% of surfers in the UK, which is a lot of potential customers.


In order for a website to be seen it has to be hosted. The website has to exist on a server that is constantly on and attached to the internet. You usually pay a monthly fee for hosting your site and in return receive a certain amount of space for your files and a certain monthly bandwidth allowance. I can provide hosting so take a look at the plans on the hosting page

No you do not. There are certain advantages with hosting your designed site with GMB Web Designs but you are free to host your site with however you like. Should you wish to transfer your hosting from us to another host you are free to do so at any time and there are no "early termination" or "penalty fees".

If I have designed a website for you you will need to provide me with your web hosts ftp login information so that I can upload your site.

Just fill out my enquiry form, I will contact you and arrange the transfer for you including transfer of the domain name.

Bandwidth as used in this website refers to the data transferred to or from the website within the month. A more accurate term is monthly data transfer.

Search Engine Optimisation

It is important to remember that once the site is built it has to be marketed in order for it to work for you. Advertising your site should be done through as many mediums as possible. The least you should do is add the website address to all of your stationery.

Increasing your websites visibility on search engines tends to be the best form of online marketing. There are several methods to increase your ranking within search engines.

Yes. I generally build websites with search engine optimisation in mind. There are however other techniques to obtain higher rankings. Off site optimisation takes the form of link back campaigns or one way links. Links from quality website can have positive effects on your sites positioning. Pay per click (PPC) campaigns, such as Google Adwords, are another way of getting your website on the front page for your search terms.

Yes, I can set up and manage Google Adwords pay per click campaigns. Take a look at my pay per click page for details.

Website Maintenance

It is important to ensure that the website is fully functioning and that you have an up to date backup. Websites that have changing content should be backed up on a regular basis and this is usually done via a maintenance contract.

Alterations to the website may need to be made in order to change content, update the code for new browser technology or just to keep the site looking fresh. I can either provide a monthly maintenance for a set monthly fee or can provide assistance when required for an hourly rate fee.

No, anyone can look after your website. I would hope that if you were happy with my service then you would allow me to maintain your site but you are free to maintain the site yourself or get someone else to do it for you.

Maintenance monthly fees start from £10 per month for a simple 30 day rolling daily backup and range to £30 for full website maintenance including alterations and updates (covers 1 hour further hours charged at £20). If you choose to pay for maintenance on an ad-hoc basis fees are charged at £35 per hour.