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Adwords PPC Management

Pay Per Click Advertising

Google Adwords


Adwords is the pay per click marketing solution offered by Google.

It works by placing your ad in various positions on its search engine pages (see opposite). If your ad is clicked then a charge will accrue.

The amount you pay depends upon your settings for the maximum cost per click for the keyword that is searched and a complex bidding system. It is possible therefore to get your website listed on the first page.

This can be achieved by anyone by imputing a very large maximum cost per click. The problem with this is that you will pay a large amount of money for your advertising and this is where the experience possessed by GMB Web Designs can help.

The trick with any form of pay per click advertising is to get the most quality clicks for the least amount of money.

If you have a budget in mind for your online advertising then we can help by managing your adwords campaign to maximise the number of quality clicks that you receive. How much you end up paying for each click depends upon numerous parameters and one of these is your quality score. This again is affected by several things, one of which is the web page that the advert points to so you may have to alter the text on your web site.

A campaign set up by someone with little experience may result in a costly marketing mistake - lots of expenditure for little return - and this may lead to skepticism about the benefits of a Google Adwords campaign. If you have experienced this in the past don't write off pay per click advertising. Give us a call and allow us to show you that pay per click really can have a positive effect on your profits.

Benefits of Google Adwords

  • Pay only for results - it only costs money when someone clicks your ad
  • Spend only how much you want - your budget is set for the maximum spend
  • Results are quicker - front page placements can start straight away, as opposed to natural search engine rankings which require weeks or months to gain desired rankings.
  • Builds a brand identity over the long term
  • The tracking statistics and reports enable your ads to be altered and monitored to improve performance - return on investment is able to be more easily measured
  • You are able to target geographical and niche markets more precisely via specific search queries.
  • Ensures your website can be found by search engine users even if the site is not search engine compatible.
  • Visitors can be lead to specific pages in order to improve conversions.
  • Small businesses can operate competitively on a global basis and compete on an equal footing with larger companies
  • Economical compared with more traditional advertising strategies

Campaign Management Costs

The standard fee for campaign management is 15% of the monthly budget with a minimum charge of £15. Fee is negotiable on campaigns with a budget of over £1000 per month. Give us a call to find out more.