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Search Engine Optimisation

Is your website optimized for the search engines? Can you find your website on the first page of Google when searching?

Knowing how to correctly set up your pages, complying with Google's guidelines and ensuring you are doing everything to rank highly takes experience and knowledge - that's where I can help.

Improving your traffic by optimising your website.

Search Engine Optimisation


GMB Web Designs build onsite optimisation techniques into the websites they build as standard but what

if you already have a website. Often the way a website is built can have a dramatic effect on the way that the search engines scan your site. If a website can be scanned properly by the search engine spiders, there is a better chance of achieving a good position in the search engine results pages.


Search Engine Optimisation is a critical part of your internet marketing success and it is important that it is done correctly. Incorrect implementation such as the use of "black hat" techniques could see your website penalized or even, in the worse case scenario, banned from the search engine. I only use ethical tried and tested search engine techniques as recommended by many of the top search engines.

How Can SEO Help You?

If your website is specifically optimised for the search engines it is more likely to receive a higher listing.

There are various methods of improving your position in the search engines. Websites I build will generally have the basic on-page search engine optimisations already completed. This is included in the cost of the website. If you already have a website not built by me then there is a good possibility that I will be able to improve your search engine performance.

No-one can guarantee you a first page listing, unless they intend to set up a pay per click campaign (adwords in the case of Google) on your behalf. This they often do for low value keyword phrases that get very few clicks, which is how they make their profit. Paying for a service that gets you to the top of Google but provides very few visitors to your site is counter productive.

A pay-per-click campaign might not be the best way for you to spend your monthly marketing budget. A high generic free listing is preferable to a paid listing so you should first review your site to see if it is correctly optimised.

Keywords - Search Phrases

It is important to identify the keywords or phrases that you would like your site to be identified with. What would a search engine user have to type in to find your site?.
Too broad a term and you will be competing against thousands of other websites, too obscure a term and no one will ever search for it, the wrong term and you won't get visitors who want your product or service.

GMB Web Designs performs the keyword analysis for you and suggests the terms that would be most beneficial to your business. Your website would then be optimised for these terms using only ethical search engine techniques.

Search engine optimisation is an ever changing science as each search engine uses a different algorithm to rank sites and indeed change there algorithms to "improve the performance". This means that you have to keep up with all of the latest developments in order to correctly optimise a website - incorrect alterations could have an adverse effect on your rankings.

Improve Search Engine Performance