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Website Maintenance

Why do I need to maintain my website?

It is important to keep your website running at it's optimum level. Content may need to be changed, graphics may need to be altered, new pages may need to be added or the site may need new functionality. A maintenance contract can ensure that these things are taken care of for you so that you can get on with running your business.

Website Backups

Unforeseen server problems can result in the loss of your website and if you haven't got the files stored on a permanent media such as a DVD, if the web host is unable to recover your files, it could mean that your website is gone for good - a costly problem to fix. Regular backups of the website can help to alleviate this problem. Keeping an up to date copy of your website that can be used to re-instate it if the worst happens is very important.

It's especially important for e-commerce and content management sites as you will have a database which you must also back up. This database could contain clients contact details, details of sales, stock maintenance etc. Losing this sort of data could cost your business dearly.

GMB Web Designs will perform the backups for you. The fee for this is £6 per month for a 30 day rolling backup. This can only be done if you host your website with GMB Web Design, should you chose to host your website elsewher you would need to contact your host to see if they offer a backup service.

Monthly Maintenance Contract

Monthly maintenance contracts start from £30 per month for a basic 1 hour per month package. If you need more time you can purchase further hours at £20 per month e.g. a two hour per month package would cost £50 per month.

Some of the things you may use your maintenance time for:

  • addition or amendment of page text
  • alteration of page structure
  • addition or amendment of images
  • adding or deleting web pages
  • adding or updating forms
  • adding or deleting hyperlinks to external websites
  • checking for and fixing broken internal links

If you do not use all your support time in a particular month you can 'carry forward' the remaining support time to the following month. If it isn't used after 2 months the support time lapses.

Pay As You Go Maintenance

Having a fixed contract might not be the ideal way to approach your maintenance needs. Maybe you have few requirements for alterations, don't need backups and just need help in emergencies. Pay as you go maintenance would be the more cost effective way of dealing with this scenario.

You would buy in advance maintenance hours at £35 for one hour and then as and when needed contact GMB Web Designs to request support. The time could be used for setting up a new web page, amending text or whatever you require in order to ensure your website is up to date and running effectively.

Buy blocks of time of 5, 10 or 20 hours and receive 20% discount.