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Website Promotion

So the website is built where do I go from here?

How to promote your website

The promotion of a website is just as important as the actual website itself. A great website that nobody looks at is the same as having no website at all.

In order to promote your website you should start off with the basics first - make sure that your web address/URL is printed on all of your stationery - include the web address on all outgoing email - any print marketing methods such as newspaper advertising should have the website included.

The next things you need to do is look at how you can promote your site to the online community. People who know about your site due to the marketing activities above will find it easily enough, but what about all of the other web surfers who don't know about it?

This is where the search engine rankings come into play. There are numerous search engines in the public domain the largest of which are Google, Yahoo and MSN (Bing). Of these Google fields the lion's share of searches so it is vital to get a high ranking for your search terms with them.

Search engine optimisation & web marketing

Improvement of your ranking can be achieved by 3 main methods:

On Site Search Engine Optimisation

Off Site Optimisation (Quality links to your site)

Pay Per Click Advertising (such as Google Adwords)

Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process of improving the quantity and quality of clicks to your website. It is normal for businesses to concentrate on the number of clicks they get but remember 10,000 clicks from people who don't want your product or service is worse than 10 from people who do.

It is very easy to promise you first page position and very easy to achieve if you use nefarious methods, commonly referred to as black hat techniques, but this will result in your site being banned once the search engine catches up with you.

GMB Web Designs doesn't promise first page position but we do aim to get you there using the best techniques and sticking to the search engines guidelines so your site remains in the search results.