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The National Commissioning and Contracting Training Conferences contacted me with regards to refreshing their website. They were also having problems updating their site and were paying monthly for the privilege.

I recommended moving the site onto a Concrete5 Content Management System and created a new website for them using the colour scheme from the old one. They needed to be able to place document used in the presentations on easily and also to update the events information. It was also a requirement to add in sponsors easily.

I provide a maintenance and upload services for the website as they need to be free to run the business but as I reduced their hosting costs by over £300 they still save money even after paying for the maintenance.

As the content is always updating they also use my 30 day rolling backup solution to ensure that should they have any problems such as being hacked or server malfunctions they will always have a way to reconstruct their website from the saved data.

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